Send us a photo of you on your trapline with a catch, or in front of your cabin and a short write-up about your photo and we'll post it here. Let us know where you trap! You can send your photo to . Click each image for a larger view.

Gordy Klassen Jim Mitchell Albert Callbeck
Barry Unger Rob & Dakota Miskosky Anne & Lloyd Coles
Joanne & Darrell Walde Joel Poschenrieder Brian Snyder
Theron G Tim Jensen Ron Lancour
Peter Pemberton Denys Bell Darin McNabb
Jeff Eno Jon Shapka Shaun Jahnke
Phil Cahoon Dave Unger Chris P
Jerry Baker The Graham Family Garrett Tully
David Striga Garry Pahlke Perry Warren
Jordan Rowswell Melvin Jackman Eric Boudreau
Brent Kuntz Luke Turcotte Chris Rawlake
Wayne Peters Jeff Thompson Marco Simard
Cory Lehoux Murray Jonasson Jim Bergman
Austin Bobzien Mike Holigroski  
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